Did Obama ‘add more jobs’ than POTUS Trump? Yes, BUT…

Jobs, wage growth RED hot in August as economy continues to expand

And in other news: Jobless claims under POTUS Trump fall AGAIN to post-1969 low

Great again! Trump, GOP Tax cuts fuel RECORD job growth, optimism among small businesses for ALL Americans

Two-thirds of Americans agree that POTUS Trump responsible for BOOM economy

MORE evidence Trump is responsible for our BOOMING economy

Spicer: ‘Jobs reports very real now,’ though they weren’t before

#MAGA: Job participation rate rising as construction starts gain most in a decade

Decline of the wages: Burger-flipping robots will replace workers

Trump economy: Strong first jobs report bolsters claims that employers believe in his pro-growth plan

Scott Pruitt may be just the person freedom lovers need at EPA

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Trump effect: More American companies expanding in U.S.

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