Eric Holder

Who proved that gun bans will do nothing to stop domestic terrorism? The Obama administration

POTUS: Dem attempt to destroy Kavanaugh backfiring as Leftists continue to threaten violence

Former AG Eric Holder to GOP lawmakers probing FISA abuses by OBAMA Deep State: “IT MUST STOP”

TREASON: Eric Holder advising current DoJ employees to defy POTUS Trump

The pattern of corruption in the DC swamp has one common element: Democrats

California, former AG Holder to sue Trump administration over reinstatement of citizenship question in 2020 Census

Eric Holder, who approved ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-walking scandal, tells anti-gun protests to ‘demand action’

Wikileaks’ Assange smacks down Eric Holder over ‘Russian meddling’: ‘Try following the Constitution next time’

Remember ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal? Gowdy’s about to BUST it wide open

‘Absolute RED line’: Holder issues SECOND warning to GOP over Mueller; hints at civil unrest

Benghazi hero to Obama AG Holder after he ‘threatened’ Republicans: ‘Get back in your hole, you POS’

Did Obama AG Holder just threaten the GOP Congress over potential firing of Mueller?

Remember when Barack Obama and Eric Holder allowed guns to be put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to cause maximum violence?

AG Sessions instructs U.S. attorneys to seek maximum sentences against most criminals, reversing Holder-era policy

Holder: Get ready for the new Obama assault

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