Eric Swalwell

2020 Dem gun grabbers, beware: At least 650,000 ticked off, armed American rebels await your confiscation

Unhinged: Russian collusion ‘truther’ Swalwell says impeaching Trump ‘only way to save country’

2020 Dem Eric Swalwell, original ‘Russian collusion’ truther, will JAIL gun owners who defy him

AG Barr smacks away tin foil-hat wearing Dems: Mueller DECLINED request to review ‘no collusion’ summary report

Lunatic Swalwell doubles down: Trump is a ‘Russian agent’ working for MOSCOW!

Dan Crenshaw slaps down Leftist Swalwell over Trump, 1st Amendment with history lesson about Obama and his party

BOOM: Mueller will NOT issue final report in POTUS Trump probe, says former Prez lawyer

Robert Mueller isn’t likely to say anything publicly about his report , so Dems will be forced to leak it

Is the Left willing to DIE to take away our guns?

Eric Swalwell just proved why he could be the dumbest Democratic presidential contender EVER

Dems ALREADY plotting their next move against Kavanaugh, even if he’s confirmed

DISGUSTING Dem Eric Swalwell DEFENDS vile, inconsiderate, and cruel behavior directed at POTUS Trump and administration

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