Epic FAIL: Most Americans don’t know who latest SCOTUS nominee is much less anything else about the high court

Lunatic DEM Frederica Wilson hits POTUS over ‘dog’ reference to Omarosa, but whatever the LEFT calls prez is OK?

BOMBSHELL: Parkland, Florida shooter asked school officials for help but they BLEW HIM OFF

FBI blew it: Warned that Parkland shooter Cruz ‘is going to explode’ and was ‘so into ISIS,’ but NEVER acted

Trump: FBI miss on Florida shooter ‘unacceptable’; ‘spending TOO MUCH time’ on Russian collusion hoax

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CNN turns its LATEST major ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ FAIL into an attack on the prez (Video)

EXISTING gun laws should have made it impossible for Texas church killer to buy a firearm

Antifa fail: Low turnouts mark nationwide ‘Refuse Fascism’ protests

GOP liars flub the LATEST attempt to roll back Obamacare [again]

Memo to the haters: Senate’s failure to repeal Obamacare is NOT Trump’s fault

Voters souring on GOP leaders who continually FAIL to enact Trump’s agenda

Poor Maxine: Alt-Left darling preaching Trump impeachment pulls in abysmal $22k in campaign contributions

House report notes that TSA is an epic fail waiting to happen

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