false narrative

Mueller’s entire report is a fabrication as lie after lie unearthed: Key ‘Russian’ figure actually a State Department intel source

‘Mainstream media’ now openly calling for violence against white conservatives: Concealed carry never more important?

Trump ‘Nationalism’ explained: It’s not ‘white supremacy’ when ALL ethnic groups love America (Video)

MAGA-supporting patriots now labeled “white nationalists,” which the Left claims are no different than “white supremacists”

Leftist narrative destroyed: ‘Extremist’ murders in U.S. have DROPPED under Trump, not risen

Muslim physician refutes Trump ‘Islamophobia’ narrative, tells CNN: POTUS ‘beloved’ in Islamic world

Mueller be damned: House Dems planning to dramatically expand ‘Russia’ probe despite NO evidence of ‘collusion’

With arrest of Trump associate Roger Stone it has become obvious that justice in America is dead

Chaperones of Covington teens say THEY were ‘targeted’ by ‘staged’ Native American confrontation

Limbaugh outs mainstream media over its ‘phony’ praise of George H. W. Bush

What women and children? Filmmaker says ’90-95 percent’ of caravan migrants are MEN (Video)

Dem claims of ‘voter suppression’ in Georgia debunked: New data show registration, voting INCREASED under Kemp

Mueller can’t prove ‘Russian collusion,’ so now he’s crafting a FAKE narrative with Corsi: DiGenova

Border Patrol officials: Caravan migrant males using women, children as SHIELDS to throw rocks at agents

Convicted murderers and terrorists are among the group of “harmless, poor” migrants in the caravan approaching the U.S. border

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