far Left

Early New Hampshire polling has ‘old white guys’ leading Democratic pack as party elders worry about extreme Leftward lurch

Views: The American Left doesn’t just hate conservatives, they want to exterminate us

Another Dem warns that the party is lurching TOO far to the Left

Limbaugh to ‘wobbly’ Trump supporters: Buck up because we’re ‘on the cusp of losing our founding’

Left-wing ‘educators’ fake transcripts for black students so they can get into Ivy League schools

Even the ‘diverse’ Democratic Party isn’t diverse ENOUGH for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Former Marxist tells Glenn Beck how Left weaponizes ‘language’ to create ‘chaos’

Guess who also supports Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS? Bill Clinton’s former lawyer

Laying it DOWN: POTUS Trump warns ‘extremist Dems’ and ICE protesters he will ENFORCE the law

Why you need to be armed: Deranged Leftists now calling for MASS executions of Trump supporters in public

GOP lawmaker intimates nation headed towards CIVIL WAR as far-Left continues to push Trump administration

Nolte: ‘Trump hate has finally killed off the 1960s’

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