federal courts

How come government can read our emails, require a Real ID to travel, and listen to our calls — but can’t ask about citizenship?

Trump admin planning counterattack against Leftist federal courts issuing nationwide injunctions

As DHS releases hundreds of illegals into U.S. daily, it’s become obvious Trump must take drastic measures

Laws and oaths: Making the case for why POTUS Trump should IGNORE Fed judge’s asylum ruling

Sessions BLASTS some federal judges who could soon ‘face calls for their replacement’ for judicial activism

Limbaugh: ‘Dems’ Kavanaugh freak-out stems from having Leftist agenda forced on us by courts’

FINALLY: Bill would BAR single federal courts from issuing nationwide injunctions

This is WHY Trump’s travel bans are VITAL to protecting Americans (and why judges who block them should be impeached)

SCOTUS keeps lowering the BOOM on lower FED courts that have issued rulings against TRUMP

Making the courts great again: Trump filling judicial vacancies at faster clip that Obama, Bush

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