federal judge

Federal judge SLAMS Justice Department over claims that Michael Flynn is a ‘co-conspirator’ in ongoing case against biz partner

Flashback: Trump may have to invoke ‘Insurrection Act’ to protect the country after another Obama judge blocks his border wall construction

Oh, look: The judge who ruled Trump has to surrender financial records to Democrats is an Obama donor

Obama judge blocks Trump admin from cutting millions in taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood

Federal judge reverses his REVERSAL of “high capacity” magazine ban following a massive buying spree by California gun owners

Federal judge shoots down California firearms magazine ban: ‘Liberty not an outmoded concept’

ANOTHER Obama-appointed judge sides with Dems as Florida election theft rolls on

Federal judge REVERSES himself and hands Trump admin huge win on DACA

Unbridled LUNACY: Federal judge in Oregon rules high school boys MUST share locker room with ‘transgender’ who is a biological girl

OUTRAGE: Federal judge claims the RIGHT to block Trump from ending DACA

Federal judge who struck down Trump order withholding sanctuary city funding has a disturbingly partisan past

Arpaio fires back at federal judge who is considering NOT vacating his conviction

Once again, someone ELSE will take the fall for a Clinton

Federal judge ORDERS the FBI to make Clinton email probe public

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