FISA memo

Sara Carter: Former Sec. of State John Kerry OFFICIALLY under investigation by House Intel Committee

Devin Nunes drops the BOMB: ‘There is CLEAR evidence of collusion’ but….

Rep. Gaetz: AG Sessions is guilty of ‘dereliction of duty’ if he does not appoint a second special counsel

Nunes: FBI ‘may have violated criminal statutes’ in alleged FISA court ABUSES

Nunes WARNS: ‘Slew of subpoenas’ coming for State Dept. regarding BOGUS anti-Trump dossier

House Intel Chair: DEMS involved in massive cover-up of Obama admin spying on Trump campaign

Democrats’ House Intel Committee memo CONTRADICTS sworn testimony by James Comey

Jarrett: There are SIX WAYS Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and Yates are in ‘SERIOUS legal jeopardy’

‘Leaker’ Adam Schiff CONFIRMS that DEM Intel Committee memo contained ‘methods and sources’

House Freedom Caucus chair Meadows BLASTS Adam Schiff, Dems over their bogus counter-memo

Nunes drops BOMB: Carter Page was FBI informant in 2013! (Video)

Whiny Adam Schiff MELTS DOWN after Trump refuses to release Dems BOGUS FISA counter-memo

Hannity warns: ‘Just a SLIVER’ of DEEP STATE corruption has come out so far (Video)

DiGenova: Memo 2.0 proves SOMEONE in Obama’s State Dept. helped feed false info to FBI; ‘Somebody’s going to have to go to PRISON’ (Video)

Hannity: Release of SECOND memo detailing MORE Obama-era CORRUPTION should ‘SCARE’ ALL Americans

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