Foreign Policy

Battle raging within Trump admin over Iranian nuclear waivers as regime continues its work on the bomb and Congress hampers POTUS

Democrat, media reaction to Trump-Putin ‘election meddling’ exchange is object lesson in hypocrisy

Learning to speak Persian: How to negotiate with Iran

Dan Crenshaw blasts Maxine Waters as a ‘disgrace’ who is shilling for Iran

Trump accuses NY Times of ‘virtual treason’ after report exposing U.S. cyber-targeting of Russian infrastructure: He’s right

POTUS tariff win? Mexico deploys troops to stop migrants and offers MAJOR concessions on border issues

Vets angered by Ocasio-Cortez’s blatant anti-Americanism STORM out of meeting: ‘I was revolted’

Forget the Logan Act, how about treason? Obama officials STILL talking to Iran behind Trump’s back

Scandal: Joe Biden’s son Hunter landed sweet big money deals in Ukraine while VP dad was threatening its government

Flashback: Mueller’s probe of POTUS Trump had risen to the level of a national security threat

Media and Dems fret Trump will ‘blow’ North Korea negotiations but he’s already accomplished more than his predecessors

Dems launch probe into Trump admin’s nuclear ‘dealings’ with Saudis as part of new harassment push?

WH adviser blasts CNN, media, over Syria withdrawal: Suddenly the Left craves Mideast wars?

Next huge threat to America’s electoral process: ‘Deep fakes’ created by artificial intelligence

China backs out of trade talks as U.S. imposes new tariffs: ‘This is like the 1930s’

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