global warming hoax

Left-wing LUNACY: Waiters and baristas could go to JAIL in Santa Barbara for handing out STRAWS

The ‘global warming’ HOAX is 30 years old: Here are some of the DUMBEST doom-and-gloom predictions

STUPID: Climate hoaxer Al Gore sez ‘bitter cold’ is the new global warming

2017 NOT a good year for ‘global warming’ films, as moviegoers SHUN the hoax

Report: Attempting to ‘artificially cool’ the planet would lead to disaster

Trump blamed for MORE ‘global warming’ and pending ‘climate catastrophe’

Israeli astrophysicist on climate: ‘Evidence for warming is not evidence for warming by humans’

Trump begins process of unraveling Obama’s ‘global warming’ policy

No, all these hurricanes are NOT being caused by humans, says climate scientist

White House denies claim admin WON’T withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

Bill Nye slammed by a REAL scientist for blaming hurricanes on “climate change”

Here’s a new strategy to get conformity on climate change only an authoritarian Leftist could love

Bill Maher mocks Texas storm victims because that’s what pinheads do

Actress Jenifer Lawrence: Violent hurricanes are Trump’s fault

Inconvenient: Scientist’s e-book OUTSELLING Gore’s global warming hoax sequel

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