GOP congress

Winning: Wage growth rises the most in a decade, thanks to POTUS Trump and GOP

It’s official: U.S. economy under Trump ONLY one improving among major powers

Trump effect: Food stamp usage down for EIGHT straight months

BOOM! Atlanta Fed raises GDP for third quarter to 4.6 percent

Happy New Year: Goldman Sachs predicts booming economy in 2018 thanks to Trump, GOP policies and priorities

Memo to GOP Congress: Voters are blaming YOU, not Trump, for lack of progress on the president’s agenda

Trump considers yanking Obamacare subsidies for Congress and ending insurance company ‘bailouts’ in bid to revive healthcare effort

GOP ready to go on OFFENSE to protect Trump from Deep State attacks; wants probes of Lynch and Comey

Here are some truth bombs about CBO estimates, GOP repeal of Obamacare, and ‘loss of coverage’

Voters souring on GOP leaders who continually FAIL to enact Trump’s agenda

Trump to GOP Senate: ‘I’m waiting’ to sign Obamacare repeal; where is it?

Paul trolls GOP health bill: Like ‘Christmas tree with billion-dollar ornaments’

Why does the GOP-run Congress have time to investigate Trump, THEIR president, but no time to pass his agenda?

Collapse: 19th Obamacare Co-Op now folding, leaving just a few in operation

Making America Great Again: Trump has signed more than 40 pieces of legislation to enact his agenda

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