Immigrant GOP businesswoman to challenge Ocasio-Cortez for her NY seat

RINO Alert: GOP Rep. Amash empowers Democrats by ‘concluding’ that POTUS Trump committed ‘impeachable offenses’

Study shows that most immigrants BY FAR vote for Democrats; GOP’s future bleak without substantial new limits

Wow: Republicans now crafting legislation to limit POTUS power in future national emergencies

GOP senator blasts Google over lies about consumer privacy: “There’s NO way to really turn off tracking services” (Video)

GOP handing Dems a political victory against Trump’s border security efforts with vote against emergency declaration

Trump vows to veto any Democrat-led attempt to stop him from building the border wall

POTUS Trump’s GOP base sticking with HIM as Dem’s government shutdown continues

GOP to launch fundraising platform to match Dem behemoth ActBlue

Dan Crenshaw is the GOP’s version of the Left’s Ocasio-Cortez

This GOP-produced video on illegal immigrant crime should have aired after POTUS Trump’s address

So-called ‘Republican’ PAC for women is actually FUNDED by lib billionaires

Comey just made a mockery of Congress’ attempt to get answers over his tanking of the Hillary probe

Tax records show huge DROP in donations to Clinton Foundation after Hillary lost 2016 election

No ‘blue wave’ as POTUS Trump says GOP defied history with Senate wins

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