The numbers are in: Trump’s economy grew most last year since 2005

POTUS Trump blasts Fed chairman Powell: ‘Not even a little bit happy’ with him over rate hikes

No, POTUS Trump’s steel tariffs are not costing the U.S. jobs

Kavanaugh dominated the news but POTUS Trump had a MAGA week

It’s official: U.S. economy under Trump ONLY one improving among major powers

Jobs, wage growth RED hot in August as economy continues to expand

And in other news: Jobless claims under POTUS Trump fall AGAIN to post-1969 low

BOOM! Atlanta Fed raises GDP for third quarter to 4.6 percent

The MOTHER of all promises! POTUS Trump pledges to pay DOWN $21 trillion debt Obama doubled

Results MATTER: POTUS Trump’s approval rating HIGHER than DEM demigod OBAMA at same point in presidency

Yuuuge birthday present: Economy under POTUS Trump is growing MASSIVELY

#MAGA: Fourteen states hit record low unemployment as Trump economy rolls on

Trump-GOP tax cuts BOOSTING growth and almost PAYING for themselves

Wall Street goes WILD following latest jobs report; non-farm payrolls EXPLODE with 313,000 new jobs in February, another TRUMP-era record

Survey: Most Americans REJECT ‘mainstream’ media propaganda on economy; give TRUMP proper credit for our boom

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