Leftists on Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission drop discrimination charge against Christian baker

Mitch McConnell vows: GOP ‘will not be intimidated’ by unhinged Kavanaugh haters

Deranged LEFTIST confronts Kellyanne Conway in grocery store; she TOASTS HIM like a boss

UNREAL: Member of Marxist mob who chased DHS Secretary Nielsen out of DC restaurant WORKS for DOJ

PATHETIC: Democrat-run states file harassment lawsuits against POTUS Trump because they can’t stand to see him succeed

School resource officers BROWBEAT ‘pro-Second Amendment kid’ Kyle Kashuv after pulling him out of class

Another DEM congressman busted paying off staffer with secret ‘severance package’

U.S. diplomats in Cuba sickened by ‘acoustic’ attack in 2016

CNN’s Acosta is an elitist A-hole who should be banned from White House media briefings

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