healthcare reform

Graham confident his health bill will get ’50 GOP votes and a couple Democrats’

Not feeling the Bern: Majority of Americans NOT on board with socialist healthcare

Here’s how the Trump administration is moving AHEAD with health care reform while Congress refuses to act

House conservatives planning reboot of Obamacare repeal and replace — and it just might work

WHAT the…? Sen. Claire McCaskill OK with $32 TRILLION ‘single-payer’ health care scheme

Bernie Sanders has no answer for why full-on socialist health care failed in HIS home state

Memo from WE THE PEOPLE to Congress: Get rid of Obamacare and pass tax reform or lose your seats in 2018

Reality check: Obamacare is KILLING people right now

Latest GOP effort to replace Obamacare fails because a FEW Republicans are hypocrites

Rand: Insurers who ‘gamed the system’ actually wrote GOP heath reform bill

Ted Cruz just came up with the perfect health care reform: Real consumer CHOICE and FREEDOM

ANOTHER Obamacare co-op collapses leaving members NO options: When is Congress going to give us back our healthcare freedom?

Collapse: 19th Obamacare Co-Op now folding, leaving just a few in operation

Why do Americans need the government to manage ANY aspect of health care?

Rand Paul on GOP healthcare bill: Looks an awful lot ‘like Obamacare’

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