Insult: Omar claims Latinos unable to compete in a merit-based immigration system

Study shows that most immigrants BY FAR vote for Democrats; GOP’s future bleak without substantial new limits

CNN reporter shocked by LATINO support for Trump’s border wall: ‘Make it TWICE as high’

Report: 70 percent of those registered for ‘racist’ Trump’s El Paso rally were Hispanics

Dems to be PERMANENT minority? Black support for POTUS Trump scales 36 PERCENT

This statistic puts the big LIE to Democratic claims that ‘Hispanics hate TRUMP’

WHOA! Black pastor says POTUS Trump ‘is most PRO-black president’ ever!

Hispanics for…the GOP? New polling data show REPUBLICANS performing well in Latino districts

Left-wing media are faking mass shooting data so they can blame WHITE guys

Guess who loves Trump now? Hispanics

Majority of Hispanics back Trump’s immigration enforcement: Survey

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