Millennials so brainwashed and scared by ‘climate change’ they aren’t saving a DIME for retirement

Lindsey Graham refutes Judge Napolitano’s claim that Mueller report implicates Trump in obstruction: ‘He’s 100 percent wrong’

Pulitzer winner says Trump ‘broke the brains’ of ‘a lot of people’ with his steadfast resistance to coup attempt

Mueller report’s release means the greatest political scandal and media hoax EVER has finally unraveled

AG Barr smacks away tin foil-hat wearing Dems: Mueller DECLINED request to review ‘no collusion’ summary report

So, Mueller’s probe is over. Here’s what the special counsel DIDN’T find (that we were told he WOULD)

Unreal: Strzok told Congress Mueller never asked him about his anti-Trump texts

Greenpeace co-founder: Most scientists who say there’s a ‘climate crisis’ are on ‘government grants’

Isn’t it time Chicago PD charged “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett with filing a fake hate crime report?

Mueller be damned: House Dems planning to dramatically expand ‘Russia’ probe despite NO evidence of ‘collusion’

Is Trump-hating “Empire” star Jussie Smollett about to be charged with lying to police about alleged ‘MAGA’ attackers?

Trump agrees to reopen government and Pelosi shows gratitude by accusing him of being a Putin stooge

With arrest of Trump associate Roger Stone it has become obvious that justice in America is dead

WaPo reporter covered up CIA, FBI doubts about key Steele dossier claim regarding Michael Cohen

Warming Nazi Tom Steyer thinks it’s time to force all Americans to accept ‘climate change’ dogma or else (Video)

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