Huma Abedin

Flashback: That time Clinton aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills lied to the FBI but weren’t charged like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn

BOMBSHELL: Jay Sekulow’s ACLJ to receive thousands of emails showing Hillary’s State Dept. “was a favor factory” for Clinton Foundation

Comey says there were “hundreds of thousands” of Hillary emails on perv Anthony Weiner’s laptop; watchdog told only ‘72,000’ existed

Investigators find several bombshells buried in the DoJ IG’s report about Andrew McCabe’s lying, corruption

FINALLY: DoJ RE-opens probe into Hillary EMAIL scandal after MORE classified data found on Huma laptop

Hannity sez ‘People like Hillary Clinton should be nervous – People will be going to jail’ as GOP lawmakers find NEW ‘irregularities’ and ‘contradictions’ in FBI’s EMAIL investigation (Video)

Trump to DOJ: ‘JAIL!’ to Abedin, Comey; Calls on ‘DEEP STATE’ Justice Dept. to ACT

WikiLeaks tweets PROOF the NY TIMES COLLUDED with Hillary Clinton while she was at State Dept.

CRIMINAL: Top Hillary Aide Huma Abedin forwarded State Dept. passwords to Yahoo email acct. before it was HACKED by Russians and others

Expert: James Comey LIED to Congress, as Weiner-Abedin CLASSIFIED emails prove

BREAKING: MORE classified docs found on PERV Anthony Weiner’s laptop tied to HILLARY

State Dept. to release some emails, docs found on PERV Anthony Weiner’s LAPTOP

BUSTED: Hillary aides Abedin and Mills LIED to anti-Trump FBI agent, but weren’t charged like Michael Flynn was

Prosecutors want prison time for disgraced Huma ex Weiner

Document dump: Legal watchdog uncovers MORE classified emails Hillary didn’t turn over

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