Is China’s ‘Guam killer’ ICBM really all that Beijing makes it out to be? U.S. Navy says ‘Probably not, but…’

Wow: DARPA seeks to develop ‘counter-hypersonics’ capable of intercepting game-changing weapons

Putin says new Russian nukes CANNOT be intercepted

SHOCKER: Kids put into STORM drains in Hawaii during FAKE missile alert (Video)

SECDEF Mattis to North Korea: ‘You’re no match for us’

Congress warned: North Korean EMP blast could kill ’90 percent of Americans’

North Korea issues new threat to launch EMP weapon against the U.S., which could turn entire country into one giant Puerto Rico

North Korea seen moving missiles from development center

UN Amb. Haley says ‘no problem’ allowing SECDEF Mattis to ‘handle North Korea’

North Korea conducts sixth nuclear test: MOST powerful yet

Chinese paper: If U.S. attacks North Korea first, Beijing will defend its ally

As expected, everyone is FREAKING OUT over Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ comment to North Korea

North Korea defiant after new round of UN sanctions; threatens to teach U.S. ‘severe lesson’

Graham: Trump prepared to strike North Korea; ‘There is a military option’​

U.S. inching towards war in North Korea with supersonic nuke-capable bomber drills; China and Russia flex muscle

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