illegal aliens

New Jersey cops push back BIG time against Left-wing AG who threatened them if they assist ICE agents

Survey says: Most ‘swing’ voters, independents OPPOSE free healthcare for illegal aliens

POTUS Trump blasts ‘exaggerated’ reports about conditions in migrant detention centers, tells media to ‘go and see them’

DHS records show ‘hundreds’ of migrants crashing U.S. border have criminal records including murder and assault

Leave it to Dems: Loophole in NY law granting illegals driver’s licenses could lead to massive voter fraud

Invasion: ICE forced to release more than 200,000 migrants into U.S. since December

The REAL speech Nazis: YouTube’s new censorship purge BANS videos that talk about illegal immigrants

Subversion: Mexico escalating U.S. invasion by BUSING illegals to various locations along border

Family of slain California officer thanks POTUS Trump for recognition: ‘You’re the ONLY one who has reached out’

As DHS releases hundreds of illegals into U.S. daily, it’s become obvious Trump must take drastic measures

Barr rules: Asylum seekers will REMAIN in detention pending their hearings instead of being released

The ‘Anti-America’ Party: Democrats fighting hard for illegal aliens, Mexican unions, but not U.S. workers

Garbage Party: NY Dems reject bill to provide tuition aid to families of fallen vets, but do it for illegal aliens

Dems who decry Trump plan to dump illegal aliens in rival political districts were SILENT when Obama was going to do it

Democrats used to care about ‘the children,’ but now they’re OK with letting illegals sexually assault your kids

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