Poll: Pledges to impeach Trump a LOSER for Dems in 2018 midterms

House leader threatens to impeach Rosenstein if DoJ continues to stall release of documents

Mueller: POTUS Trump still ‘under investigation’ but ‘not a criminal subject’

Maxine wails: ‘Too dangerous’ to wait until 2020 to remove Trump from office (Video)

Former DOJ official: Mueller ‘almost certainly WON’T indict Trump’

Dershowitz: Dems’ attempts to have Trump removed over ‘mental unfitness’ like SOVIETS, CHICOMS (Video)

Left is trying to GOAD Trump into firing ‘dirty cop’ Mueller with threats of violence, COUP

Is Mueller timing release of his findings to SABOTAGE the GOP and Trump in time for 2018 elections?

Expert: Mueller ‘now conducting an impeachment investigation’ of Trump

Did Maxine Waters just threaten Trump’s life?

Democrat claims some Republicans want to impeach Trump

Mad Maxine still trying to get Trump impeached, this time over his NFL comments

Savage: ‘Civil war’ will follow if Trump ‘stolen’ from the people

Unhinged: House Dem files first impeachment article against Trump, citing ‘crime’ of acting presidential

Dershowitz: Trump had right to call Comey off Flynn investigation

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