Mueller throws long-time pal and colleague Bill Barr under the bus in order to protect the Deep State

Limbaugh: Mueller ‘stands American jurisprudence on its head’ declaring POTUS Trump must be ‘guilty until proven innocent’

DiGenova: ‘For the first time I actually believe’ people will go to jail over ‘Spygate’

Who’s next? Massachusetts judge is INDICTED for blocking ICE agents from detaining a two-time illegal alien deportee

Powerful! 2020 Dem candidate Tulsi Gabbard said end of Russian probe without charges against POTUS averted second civil war

Roger Stone’s Indictment Shows Mueller isn’t really in the ‘justice’ business

Sarah Sanders blows up at tainted justice system following Stone arrest: Will Comey, Clapper, and Hillary be held to same standard?

America, the Deep State is coming after our president: What are we going to do about it?

Andrew Napolitano: ‘I expect Don Jr. to be indicted by Robert Mueller’

Indicted Russian firm Concord Management BACKHANDS Mueller then TAUNTS him with Kavanaugh decision seeking DISMISSAL of bogus bot case

Devin Nunes on EMBARASSING Mueller indictment of Russians: ‘We had this info in 2017!’ (Video)

Of COURSE: Mueller INDICTS 12 Russian military officers for 2016 election meddling just DAYS before Trump meets Putin

Rudy: Mueller has ‘all the facts’ and has ‘NOTHING’ on POTUS Trump

In case you missed it: A sitting president CANNOT be indicted and here’s why

Legal expert believes Comey may have committed criminal espionage, punishable by up to 10 years in prison

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