Intelligence community

Solomon: Emails show unmasking of 100s of Americans in final days of Obama regime began with ‘anti-Trump’ Samantha Power

FITTON: Clinton email probe docs ‘damaged beyond repair’; DoJ hack Bruce Ohr given $28k BONUS during ‘Russiagate’ probe (Video)

DiGenova: Spygate tip of iceberg, as FISA court has evidence of Obama-era spying MUCH sooner, in 2012

POTUS does it! Orders declassification of docs related to Obama’s ‘Spygate’ operation

Nunes smells a rat: Lawmaker demands docs from CIA, NSA, State Dept., after casting DOUBT about Mueller report’s findings regarding Mifsud

#NeverTrumpers: Former CIA analyst says U.S. intelligence community politicized to favor DEMS

Ron Paul: ‘As long as Assange is in prison, so are all of us’

Yes, the CIA’s ‘MKUltra’ mind-control program was REAL and used to ‘drug criminals’ to ‘improve interrogations,’ new documents reveal

Trey Gowdy lays out why Nancy Pelosi MUST remove Adam Schiff from House Intelligence Committee, and it’s brutally honest

POTUS Trump: ‘NO confidence’ in ‘intelligence’ provided by Deep State HACKS Clapper and Brennan

UNTHINKABLE: Deep State hack John Brennan dog whistles INTEL community: ‘May start withholding info from POTUS Trump’

WOW: Louie Gohmert says watchdog found that Hillary’s emails went to ‘FOREIGN ENTITY’ and Strzok did NOTHING (Video)

BAM: U.S., British intel officials BOTH in on targeting of Trump campaign

Deep State HIT job: Comey comments REDACTED in final House Intel report that absolve Gen. Flynn

House Intel report: DNI Clapper LEAKED dossier contents to CNN where he is now an ‘analyst’

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