Two Chicago men convicted of conspiring to provide material support to ISIS

Former ISIS fighter says group sought to infiltrate U.S. through porous southwestern border Dems, RINOs refuse to protect

Here’s proof Muslim student groups in universities are actually terrorism recruitment fronts for ISIS

Sec. of State Pompeo RIPS legal claim by ISIS wife: ‘She’s a terrorist and she’s NOT coming back’

After 18 years U.S., Taliban moving closer to an agreement ending Afghan war

Whose side is she on? Embattled Rep. Omar once sought leniency for ISIS volunteers

ISIS forced Iraqi scientist to make chemical weapons that are likely STILL missing

Obama’s Syria ambassador agrees with POTUS Trump’s troop pullout

State Dept. mocks McGurk’s claim he left ‘on principle;’ says ‘he should have been gone’ earlier this year

Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria came after he stumped Bolton with one question

Secret Service foiled ‘credible’ ISIS plot to assassinate POTUS Trump

Trump’s first year in office was a MAJOR SUCCESS for him and the U.S.: Here’s WHY

Gloves OFF: ISIS ‘caliphate’ DECIMATED after Trump gives U.S. military freedom to ACT

Experts believe ISIS: Terror group doubles down on claim that Vegas shooter was a convert, as they say attack had all the hallmarks of ‘terrorism’

Terrorist drone attacks are coming to a city near you

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