James Baker

Obama’s top FBI lawyer now claiming he was ‘concerned’ about the legitimacy of the Steele Dossier prior to 2016 election

‘Bull’ Durham: New Russiagate prober has been haunting the FBI for months

With Devin Nunes set to hand DoJ criminal referrals for Trump coup conspirators, THESE people should worry

Former top FBI lawyer said he was ‘appalled’ Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged with espionage crimes

Former top FBI lawyer: Yes, Hillary should have been indicted for her ‘appalling’ mishandling of classified info

Report: Comey ally and former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal leak investigation

Now what? Turns out Rosenstein was SERIOUS about planned coup against POTUS Trump

WOW: Obama’s FBI, DoJ redacted intelligence docs that implicated Hillary, DNC in Spygate

REAL collusion: Democrat lawyers met with FBI to share notes on Russia allegations before FISA warrant was issued

Top FBI lawyer James Baker offers ‘explosive’ testimony to House regarding ‘abnormal’ handling of Trump campaign probe

WOW: Trump-hating FBI lawyer Lisa Page RESIGNS along with Comey confidant James Baker

SHAKE-UP at FBI: Director Wray removes suspected LEAKER and Comey confidant

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