James O’Keefe

Project Veritas bombshell reveals that GOOGLE has done more to ‘meddle’ in U.S. elections than Russia ever did: Will there be charges?

O’Keefed! Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says video showing non-citizens voting ‘will be investigated’

O’Keefed! Beto campaign staffers busted in video admitting to sending FUNDS to migrant caravan

O’Keefed! Campaign staffers for Dem gubernatorial candidate Gillum call Fla. ‘f**ked up cracker state’ (Video)

O’Keefed! Undercover sting catches staffer for TN Dem Bredesen in ‘bait and switch’ LIE

Project Veritas bombshell reveals the IRS is still infiltrated by deep state operators who weaponize the agency to target conservatives

O’Keefed: Avowed communist working at GAO ADMITS to slow-walking Trump agenda

‘Guerilla journalist’ James O’Keefe is set to EXPOSE the Deep State

Project Veritas sting: WaPo reporter ADMITS Trump-Russia collusion story ‘f**king crap shoot’

BUSTED: NY Times video editor ADMITS anti-Trump bias in latest Project Veritas undercover sting

Project Veritas’ O’Keefe teases biggest media investigation ever: ‘People will be fired’

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