James Woods

James Woods drops a Twitter MOAB on Dem senator who told men to ‘shut up and step up’

James Woods sends MASTERFUL tweet supporting hero cop after gruesome fight with drugged up perp

These tweets from James Woods about Peter Strzok’s testimony are pure GOLD (F-bomb warning!)

PATHETIC: Actor James Woods DROPPED by his agent…via EMAIL…on JULY 4

James Woods’ TAKEDOWN of ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi is another EPIC performance

James Woods blasts Speaker Ryan, Republicans over illegal alien horde heading for U.S. border: ‘Do something’ #RepublicansWithoutBalls

Here’s why Conservative Actor James Woods Was BLACKLISTED in Hollywood

Actor James Woods THRASHES Jeff Sessions as ‘coup d’tat’ led by MUELLER continues unabated

Bill Clinton DENIES foundation funds used for Chelsea’s wedding — then Wikileaks dropped a TRUTH BOMB

James Woods NAILS Chelsea Clinton after she dares to lecture POTUS Trump over HAITI

LOL! James Woods calls out ‘Groping Joe’ Biden in tweet

Retiring RINO and #nevertrumper Jeff Flake SCHOOLED by James Woods over ‘dying party’ comment

Actor James Woods drops a truth bomb about the NRA and mass shootings

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