Jim Acosta

President Trump should demand an apology from CNN’s Acosta, who blatantly lied about the migrant caravan

Trump admin informs CNN it will REVOKE Jim Acosta’s press pass again

Video: POTUS Trump talks Jim Acosta and what he’ll do if he ‘misbehaves’ during press conferences

There is another way to deal with Jim Acosta that doesn’t require a court decision: Ignore him

Trump Admin smacks away CNN lawsuit: ‘No constitutional right to enter White House

Guess who also hates Jim Acosta’s press conference antics? His colleagues, says Dana Perino

CNN tried to get a soybean farmer to bash POTUS Trump’s China tariffs: FAIL

Sean Hannity smacks down ‘lying’ and whining CNN host Jim Acosta with one lethal tweet

HA! Trump SHUTS DOWN Jim Acosta at UK presser: ‘He’s fake news’

POTUS Trump supporters at South Carolina rally TROLL whiny CNN correspondent Jim Acosta: ‘CNN SUCKS’

POTUS Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale TORCHES whiny CNN hack Jim Acosta

Sarah Huckabee Sanders eviscerates CNN’s Jim Acosta — again

CNN clown Jim Acosta DESTROYED by Sara Sanders after his whining on live TV

CNN whiner Jim Acosta completely SCHOOLED at White House presser by Budget Director Mulvaney (Video)

Trump to CNN’s whiny Acosta at White House: ‘OUT!’

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