Jim Jordan

Busted: Jim Jordan demands Democrats RELEASE ‘memorandums of understanding’ between House chairs to ‘take down POTUS Trump’

POTUS Trump: Paul Ryan blocked GOP firebrands from issuing subpoenas to Leftist Deep State figures

What did OBAMA know about ‘Russian collusion’ and when did he know it? GOP lawmakers demand answers from DHS

Report: Comey ally and former top FBI lawyer James Baker subject of criminal leak investigation

GOP lawmakers send letter to John Huber seeking answers in bid to expose latest DOJ con job

Meadows: ‘There is still NO evidence’ Michael Flynn ‘colluded’ with Russia

One year later: John Huber’s probe of Obama FBI-DoJ abuse of power produced nothing?

Rep. Jim Jordon: Sessions on his way out; ‘obvious to me’ Rosenstein is running DoJ

Top FBI lawyer James Baker offers ‘explosive’ testimony to House regarding ‘abnormal’ handling of Trump campaign probe

Mark Meadows: ‘We have names of reporters’ Page and Strzok leaked to

Former wrestler BACKS off claim that Jim Jordan ‘knew’ about sex abuse allegations at Ohio State

It’s OFFICIAL: Jim Jordan is running for House Speaker

They DID it: House Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Gatekeeper Rosenstein

Freedom Caucus members Meadows, Jordan ask DoJ IG to investigation ROSENSTEIN over alleged THREATS to GOP staffers

Jim Jordan BLASTS ‘fake news’ CNN for attempts to contact former 100 of his former staff and interns in DIRT hunt

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