job growth

Did Obama ‘add more jobs’ than POTUS Trump? Yes, BUT…

Unable to argue against Trump’s historic growth, 2020 Dems now say we need ‘moral economy’

Nancy Pelosi says employment records under Trump, GOP are part of ‘agenda’ to hurt ‘families’

More Americans employed than ever as Trump economy continues breaking records

U.S. manufacturing so good factories are turning to high school students for labor

Dem CRANK and multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi wants Americans POOR so she can control them

Wall Street goes WILD following latest jobs report; non-farm payrolls EXPLODE with 313,000 new jobs in February, another TRUMP-era record

Trump BOOM: Americans expecting biggest pay raise in years as govt. runs SURPLUS in first month of tax cuts

MORE evidence Trump is responsible for our BOOMING economy

Great again: Jobs growing at ‘rip-roaring’ pace in May

Trump economy: Strong first jobs report bolsters claims that employers believe in his pro-growth plan

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