John Huber

Confirmed: U.S. Attorney John Huber NEVER started the ‘Spygate’ probe Jeff Sessions assigned to him

Lindsey Graham wants another special counsel to probe DoJ, FBI abuses, but where is Sessions’ appointee John Huber?

Hannity: POTUS Trump ‘holding five different buckets of info’ on DEEP STATE corruption

GOP lawmakers send letter to John Huber seeking answers in bid to expose latest DOJ con job

Huber, Horowitz ‘probes’ of Hillary Clinton, Spygate nothing but cover for the Deep State

DoJ refuses to let Huber testify before House as Clinton whistleblowers claim he LOST evidence twice

BOMBSHELL: ‘Probable cause’ that Clinton Foundation ‘ran afoul’ of IRS, according to 2017 report

Tax records show huge DROP in donations to Clinton Foundation after Hillary lost 2016 election

FINALLY: MIA federal prosecutor John Huber to update GOP on status of Clinton Foundation probe

Report: POTUS Trump wanted the DoJ to prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey

One year later: John Huber’s probe of Obama FBI-DoJ abuse of power produced nothing?

U.S. Attorney John Huber has NOT talked to Bruce Ohr yet, and that’s a problem

Limbaugh ROASTS Deep State hack James Clapper over Trump campaign spy LIE

Justice Dept. misses deadline to hand over documents pertaining to Hillary email scandal, FISA abuse

Prosecutor picked by Sessions to investigate FBI actions during 2016 election ‘special counsel’ in every way but name

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