Judicial Branch

Judicial tyranny: Federal courts now have ‘veto’ and limitless power over presidents and Congress

Flashback: Trump may have to invoke ‘Insurrection Act’ to protect the country after another Obama judge blocks his border wall construction

Activist judges are the new fascist dictators, obliterating our system of checks and balances

Obama judge blocks Trump admin from cutting millions in taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood

The real problem with immigration policy? Judges

FINALLY: Bill would BAR single federal courts from issuing nationwide injunctions

Lisa Page REFUSES to respond to congressional subpoena; THIS is why (and HOW) Legislative Branch should REASSERT it’s authority

Trump’s first year in office was a MAJOR SUCCESS for him and the U.S.: Here’s WHY

Another federal judge claims authority over deportation cases

Democrats continue to hold up Trump’s federal court nominees

McConnell: Gorsuch ‘deserves to be confirmed’ to SCOTUS; nuclear option ‘in hands of Democrats’

Besides the Supreme Court, Trump has 117 federal court vacancies to fill

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