Kamala Harris

Booker, Harris attacking Joe Biden over race: Is that ALL they’ve got?

Debate takeaway: Kamala Harris comes out in favor of human trafficking of children across the open U.S. border

2020 hopeful Kamala Harris just proved again she wants to be a dictator, not a president (Hint: Abortion)

Infanticide backer Kamala Harris’ sick joke: ‘We can judge a society by the way it treats its children’

Guess who sent 120,000 Californians ‘of color’ to jail on her watch? Kamala Harris

Immigrant nominee for Ninth Circuit court schools Dems on racism: ‘My dad had a gut understanding of what makes America great’

‘Queen’ Kamala would use govt. to force Americans to ‘change their behavior’ due to ‘climate change’

Kamala Harris and other radical Leftists now define government debt spending on entitlement programs an “investment” that they claim will produce “a return”

Early New Hampshire polling has ‘old white guys’ leading Democratic pack as party elders worry about extreme Leftward lurch

2020 Dem candidate Kamala Harris says ‘assault weapons’ don’t belong in ‘civil society’ — but infanticide is okay?

Anti-Christian bigot Kamala Harris wants to be president in 2020, but not for ALL Americans

Condoleeza Rice smacks race-baiter Kamala Harris at Kavanaugh hearing: ‘He will be outstanding’

Kamala Harris caught in blatant LIE about school desegregation… do liberals just fabricate everything?

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