Nancy Pelosi says employment records under Trump, GOP are part of ‘agenda’ to hurt ‘families’

U.S. manufacturing so good factories are turning to high school students for labor

Kavanaugh dominated the news but POTUS Trump had a MAGA week

WaPo, NYTimes BOTH hail POTUS Trump’s fast-growing economy

They are NUTS! Dems BLAST fantastic JOBS report, call it ‘RECKLESS’ as minority employment continues to SET RECORDS

Happy New Year: Goldman Sachs predicts booming economy in 2018 thanks to Trump, GOP policies and priorities

Great again: Trump-era employment, pay rates, stock market the BEST in years

Fast food workers rally in Boston to bring them one step closer to being jobless

Firms following Trump’s ‘Americans first,’ hiring more U.S. workers at higher wages than foreign replacements

U.S. employees agreeing to be microchipped for ‘convenience’ – is this the future of employment?

Federal union spent tens of millions more on [Left-wing] politics than it did representing its members

Right-to-work laws on the rise with more states set to pass following November elections

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