Leftist journalists now proudly part of the DEEP STATE as they abandon all ethics in pursuit of TRUMP

Far Left SICKO ‘entertainers’ spend week ‘celebrating’ abortion and MOCKING American VETS

Media now painting TRUMP VOTERS as “Nazis” who deserve to be MURDERED in the streets

Tucker on liberal RAGE over fake migrant child ‘crisis’ — ‘This is how countries FALL APART’

Left-wing Starbucks, Amazon take RIGHT turn over ridiculous new Seattle tax

Left-wing HACK journalist tweets college professors should DROWN conservative students

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No, liberals, you are NOT tolerant – as new research proves

High school student nails it in describing Left-wing ‘constituents’ at GOP congressman’s town hall meeting

DNC head Perez is wrong: It’s Democrats who ‘don’t give a s**t about people’

Did Pope Francis just compare President Trump to Hitler?

The Left continues to implode following Trump’s victory, especially on college campuses

Sinister Left-wing media out to sow more hate and division with fake ‘KKK documentary’

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