Leftist prof says concern over climate change ‘causing anxiety’ over our future, but really, blame the hoaxers

Yes, liberals allow pedophile drag queens to read story time books to your children in public school… and here’s proof

Left-wing mag’s study to find most tolerant U.S. county backfires big time

Memo to Chief Justice Roberts: ALL federal judges are ‘politically’ appointed

Public education FAIL: Just 1-in-3 can pass U.S. citizenship test

Unhinged Democrat supporters PROTEST ICE operation to break up CHILD sex-trafficking ring

WAH! Libs MELT down after Justice Kennedy retires; POTUS Trump gets to pick another constitutionalist

Dems want to raise legal rifle purchase age to 21: What’s the appropriate age for speech, privacy and abortion rights?

Here’s why Conservative Actor James Woods Was BLACKLISTED in Hollywood

Here’s a gun control stat for you: 98% of all mass shootings target ‘gun-free zones’ demanded by DEMS

Seattle residents become UNHINGED over what they thought was a Confederate flag…EPIC fail

Danger ahead: Americans’ political divide is getting wider, making reconciliation all but impossible

Washington Post, which hides behind First Amendment to publish FAKE NEWS, now calls for end of free speech for conservatives

Dependency Nation: Welfare rates, ‘Medicaid babies’ skyrocket; half of states have rates of 50 percent or more

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Gallup: Conservatives outnumber liberals in USA

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