It began with a lie: Bruce Ohr’s pivotal role in ‘Spygate’

Hero Dan Crenshaw exposes Dem ‘lies’ regarding ‘preexisting conditions’ health bill

Are Unrecorded FBI Interviews a G-Man’s License to Lie?

POTUS lawyer Giuliani goes OFF following bogus Buzzfeed report; demands DoJ reveal leakers

Roger Stone lashes out at Jerome Corsi, says he’s working with Mueller to entrap him

BUSTED: Original FBI 302 on Flynn interview claims he was advised of ‘nature of interview’ but he wasn’t

Corsi REFUSES plea deal with Mueller: ‘I am not going to LIE’

NRA schools fake news media, Democrats on ‘3D’ printed guns

Why are we still in? UN report blames POTUS Trump for rising poverty in America — using data from OBAMA years

Another day, another LIE: NY Times FALSELY claims Democrats don’t want OPEN borders

COVER-UP: Susan Rice’s day inauguration day email poses BIG credibility problems for Comey as Obamagate spy scandal widens

Flashback: Obama plays ‘LIAR in chief’ with FOX News’ Chris Wallace over claim he doesn’t talk with FBI directors regarding investigations (unless it’s Hillary) (Video)

Is there new evidence Comey LIED in sworn testimony to CONGRESS over scandalous TRUMP probe?

CNN ‘legal’ correspondent tells viewers a huge LIE about Republicans and the ‘Trump dossier’

UGLY: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee BUMPS paying passenger from FIRST CLASS airline seat, then plays RACE CARD when passenger complains

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