High school teacher fired because he used the wrong pronoun with a transgender student

Is she trying to lose? The things far-Left Arizona Dem Krysten Sinema has said

POTUS Trump blasts Dems over ‘hoax’ allegations against Justice Kavanaugh

They’ve LOST it: New study finds more ‘exosexual’ profs having SEX with trees

Whoopi BLOWS UP at Judge Janine Pirro off-set: ‘Get the F*CK out of here!’

(National Sentinel) Unhinged: It’s becoming more obvious by the day that attempts to have reasonable conversations with perpetually triggered liberals in the age of POTUS Donald Trump are useless and impossible. Always-triggered, always-outraged Leftists have convinced themselves that because Trump…

Left continues to melt down over Trump-Putin summit, but remember when Obama promised Russia he would make America MORE vulnerable?

They are NUTS! Dems BLAST fantastic JOBS report, call it ‘RECKLESS’ as minority employment continues to SET RECORDS

Calls for CIVILITY now being labeled racist by left-wing professor: Being civil makes you a BIGOT

SICKOS: Demented Leftists in the Pravda media fantasize about POTUS Trump beating FLOTUS Melania

The lunacy continues in California as lawmakers discover a ‘3rd gender’

Don’t look now, but suddenly it’s ‘racially insensitive’ to bring a watermelon to work

When white people use black emojis, it’s RACIST…says the BBC

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