Maria Bartiromo

POTUS: ‘Illegal immigration so high now due to our soaring economy, end of family separation’

With Devin Nunes set to hand DoJ criminal referrals for Trump coup conspirators, THESE people should worry

Nunes: AG Barr has until March 15 to report out on ‘conflicted’ Mueller hacks Weissmann and Ahmad

Nunes: ‘I expect’ to release Russia investigation docs BEFORE midterms

ISSA warns tech giants: FEC regulation is coming if they continue to censor conservatives

POTUS Trump dishes on lunatic DEMS but makes GOLDEN prediction about the party’s future

Nunes: Australian Amb. Downer LIED about start date of Trump WITCH HUNT (Video)

Rep. Issa: ‘DoJ, FBI are lying through their teeth’ to Congress about Team Trump spying (Video)

Graham: ‘We should have a special counsel’ to look into Obama DoJ corruption; slams Comey’s ‘joke’ investigation into Hillary’s emails (Video)

Nunes: DoJ had NO evidence of wrongdoing when it began spying on Trump; ‘it was ALL political’

Gowdy: ‘We’re trending towards a second special counsel to investigate DoJ

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