Matt Gaetz

GOP: Dem fears rising as ‘Bull’ Durham’s ‘Russiagate’ probe expanded to three levels of Obama corruption

Gaetz: Democrats ‘keep voting against things that make us safe’ — like a border wall

Matt Gaetz reminds us why Mueller’s prosecution of Michael Flynn was always a sham

Matt Gaetz EXPLODES at CNN hack Chris Cuomo over Broward scandal: ‘They’re hiding the freaking ballots!’

Dem heads explode! Trump calls for VOTER ID amid widespread reports of voter fraud

Rep. Matt Gaetz going after Twitter with FEC complaint for ‘shadow banning’ conservatives

FINALLY: POTUS Trump, GOP, demand probe into ‘shadow banning’ of conservatives on Social Media

CONFIRMED: Additional sources say DoJ hack Rosenstein DID threaten GOP lawmaker, staffers; Jeff Sessions should be FIRED

Rep. Gaetz drops MOAB on Speaker Ryan over his pathetic defense of Deep State ‘Spygate’ operation

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