Report: Marines’ TOP general let internal memo leak opposing Trump’s use of Pentagon funds for border wall

Legal expert believes Comey may have committed criminal espionage, punishable by up to 10 years in prison

Trump questions legality of Mueller appointment; says it was ‘based on illegal act’ of Comey media leak

DoJ IG now probing classified Comey memos he had friend LEAK to media

BOOM: Comey memos released; Trump vindicated; ‘Defense Exhibit A’ if Mueller moves to obstruction charge

Critics say Comey’s Trump-related memos he used for his book were CLASSIFIED and he should be PROSECUTED for mishandling them

Deep State shielding UNCLASSIFIED Comey memos from Congress ahead of his book release (Video)

House Intel Committee could release FIVE MORE MEMOS exposing ‘politically motivated’ abuses by FBI, DOJ

Paging Jeff Sessions! Turns out ALL of Comey’s LEAKED memos were CLASSIFIED (Video)

Grassley: James Comey may have LEAKED CLASSIFED memo to friend

BUSTED: Comey memos on Trump/Russia contained classified information

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