Michael Cohen

Report: Michael Cohen’s attorney approached POTUS Trump about a PARDON for the rat

Source: Cohen flipped on Trump because Robert Mueller threatened to imprison his wife for 30 years for HIS financial crimes

GOP leader McCarthy: ‘Adam Schiff has met his own standard’ to recuse himself from Trump probe

Trump unloads on Cohen, says investigators should ‘demand’ copy of his book to help ‘expose the lies’

Tucker Carlson on Cohen ‘circus’: ‘This is a distraction, and we’re falling for it’ (Video)

Limbaugh: ‘Shock, surprise’ Dems staging Cohen clown show while Trump tries to ‘de-nuke’ North Korea

Cohen testimony a ‘production’ put on by Democrats: If he HAD real evidence of Trump crimes, Mueller wouldn’t let him speak

IRS agent charged for leaking Michael Cohen transactions to porn star attorney Michael Avenatti

POTUS lawyer Giuliani goes OFF following bogus Buzzfeed report; demands DoJ reveal leakers

Special counsel Mueller’s office now calling BS on Buzzfeed report that Trump instructed Cohen to lie

WaPo reporter covered up CIA, FBI doubts about key Steele dossier claim regarding Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, temporary media darling, STILL has no credibility in blaming POTUS Trump

Cohen plea deal: Mueller likely withheld evidence from court exonerating Trump

Wait, what? Even CNN’s Jake Tapper has to admit Cohen plea NOT evidence of Trump-Russia ‘collusion’

Fake News Central CNN is IGNORING its fake report regarding Michael Cohen’s bogus Trump Tower claims

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