midterm elections

GOP to launch fundraising platform to match Dem behemoth ActBlue

California-style ballot cheating could be coming to YOUR state next

Sore loser Stacey Abrams won’t call Brian Kemp ‘governor’ of Georgia

Marco Rubio sounds alarm: Dems trying to STEAL elections in Florida

Whoops! Nate Silver now HEDGING his ‘blue wave’ bet for Democrats

Pa. Dem congressional candidate Scott Wallace said ‘dogs are smarter than police officers’

POTUS Trump: Migrant caravan a ‘disgrace to the Democrat Party’

Dems are trying to make ‘healthcare’ a problem for Republicans, but THEY are the ones who gave us Obamacare

Boston Police union tells ‘Fauxcohontas’ Warren to take a hike, will not endorse her

‘Crazy’ Maxine Waters’ agenda if Dems win House: ‘Subpoena everything’ related to POTUS Trump

RED wave: GOP favorability highest in seven years

‘Women for Trump’ to hold ‘summit’ in DC just weeks before midterm elections

Hispanics for…the GOP? New polling data show REPUBLICANS performing well in Latino districts

Disaster for DEMS: Optimism hits an 11-year HIGH under Trump, Republicans

Dems TRIGGERED as they struggle with rising popularity of GOP tax cuts

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