Immigration group says next massive ‘influx of migrants’ to U.S. already coming from ‘entire world’s poor’

CBP officials accuse Texas Democrat of ‘coaching’ migrants on how to exploit ‘return to Mexico’ loophole

Border Patrol releases video refuting Ocasio-Cortez’s fabrications regarding ‘toilet water,’ migrant treatment

Trump turns tables on Democrats, blames THEM for deaths of migrant father, daughter: ‘They won’t change the laws’

Ha! Pelosi ignores her far-Left AOC faction and agrees to pass emergency border funding bill

Here’s why POTUS Trump’s Mexico migrant deal will work: Most Mexican citizens oppose illegal immigration

House Dems back tens of TRILLIONS in new spending for college debt and universal healthcare, but balk on a few billion to take care of migrant children

DHS records show ‘hundreds’ of migrants crashing U.S. border have criminal records including murder and assault

Wow: Canadian province passes ‘Trump-like’ bill stressing migrant SKILLS, forcing thousands to reapply

Invasion: ICE forced to release more than 200,000 migrants into U.S. since December

TSA is letting illegal aliens fly on U.S. airlines WITHOUT proper documents while Americans suffer humiliating searches

POTUS for the win? Mexico’s president pleading to amp up immigration enforcement to end trade tariffs

Border state Reps pushing new plan to address migrant HORDE at border without relying on House Democrats

New POTUS plan: Border Patrol agents could soon decide migrant ‘asylum’ claims, speeding deportation

FBI probing armed far-Left Antifa plot to disrupt U.S.-Mexico border in attempt to spark anti-government rebellion

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