Another judicial activist judge blocks POTUS Trump from securing our borders by suspending his use of military funds

Internal assessments reveal Chinese leaders don’t think their military is up to task of defeating a modern enemy

China preparing to deploy anti-satellite laser weapon by 2020 to target U.S. space-based assets

Oath Keepers: POTUS should deploy military along border to ‘STOP the invasion’

Air Force: ‘No rule against’ POTUS signing personal memorabilia of airmen

Trump schools Democrats: One way or another border wall ‘will get built’

Migrant caravan swells to 14,000 as most Guard troops on border are unarmed

Trump INTERCEPTS Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles; DISINVITES them from White House visit over player kneeling (Updated)

Trump vows: ‘I will use military to SEAL border’ with Mexico as migrant horde approaches

White House: POTUS can use recently allocated border security funding for a WALL

Once again, Democrats WON’T VOTE to fund the MILITARY

Trump NAILS Democrats over BUDGET, GOVT. SHUTDOWN with this SIMPLE statement to the press (Video)

Gloves OFF: ISIS ‘caliphate’ DECIMATED after Trump gives U.S. military freedom to ACT

West Wing feud: Bannon, McMaster allies dueling it out over control of Trump’s foreign, military policies

High-ranking military officers thank Trump for transgender ban

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