Mueller report

Powerful! 2020 Dem candidate Tulsi Gabbard said end of Russian probe without charges against POTUS averted second civil war

Devin Nunes promising COUNTERATTACK against POTUS coup plotters and Clinton operatives who perpetuated Russian collusion hoax

Democrats now DEMANDING Mueller report be published for ‘transparency,’ but remember when they opposed declassification of the Carter FISA applications?

What did Obama know about Trump collusion hoax and when did he know it? Everything, and from the beginning

Lindsey Graham tweets cryptic warning to James Comey following Mueller’s exoneration of POTUS Trump: ‘See you soon’

Partisan Dem hack Jerrold Nadler STILL claims there was ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ after Mueller report

Democrats are extremists who want to continue chasing the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax while our country goes to hell in a hand basket

Flashback: Mueller’s probe of POTUS Trump had risen to the level of a national security threat

So, Mueller’s probe is over. Here’s what the special counsel DIDN’T find (that we were told he WOULD)

Bluff called: GOP Rep says Dems failed to divide his party over vote to make Mueller report public

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