Trump to Dems: No deal on $2 trillion infrastructure plan without passing renegotiated NAFTA first

Trade war averted? U.S., Chinese negotiators working out new details

Trump may cancel NAFTA outright to force Dems’ hands on trade

Mexico WILL pay for the border wall but ONLY if Democrats allow it

POTUS Trump to ditch NAFTA, give Congress choice of USMCA or nothing

Trump delivers: POTUS signs renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico, Canada

Kavanaugh dominated the news but POTUS Trump had a MAGA week

Steelworkers union: USMCA contains much stronger labor protections than NAFTA, TPP

Great again! Trump delivers on MAJOR campaign promise with new NAFTA deal

Stocks SMASH records on news of a new NAFTA agreement between U.S., Mexico

Lindsey Graham takes swipe at #nevertrump McCain; says he’s ‘NOT so sure’ most Americans back global trade deals

Trump to G7: ‘Robbing’ U.S. piggybank ‘coming to an END’ as he demands reduced trade barriers

James Woods blasts Speaker Ryan, Republicans over illegal alien horde heading for U.S. border: ‘Do something’ #RepublicansWithoutBalls

Happy New Year: Goldman Sachs predicts booming economy in 2018 thanks to Trump, GOP policies and priorities

Making America great: Trump administration begins renegotiation of NAFTA trade agreement

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