Natalia Veselnitskaya

FLASHBACK: Several figures at infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer were associated with bogus dossier creator Fusion GPS

Here’s why Cohen’s ‘bombshell’ claim about POTUS knowledge of Trump Tower Russian meeting…ISN’T

Cohen claim that POTUS knew of infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian SLAMMED by the Prez: ‘NO!’

More about NOTHING: Senate transcripts regarding Don Jr.’s Tower meeting with Russian lawyer PROVE he was telling the truth

Russian lawyer on Trump dossier: It’s ‘cheap gossip’

Dershowitz on Don Jr. meeting: What’s the big deal?

Krauthammer fail: Columnist joins Left in declaring Don Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer ‘collusion’

COLLUSION? Obama’s Justice Dept. let Russian lawyer who met with Donald Jr. into U.S. under special circumstances

SHOCKER: Obama Justice Dept. let into U.S. the Russian lawyer before she met Trump Jr.

What’s this? Russian lawyer sat next to Obama’s Russia ambassador just DAYS after Trump Jr. meeting

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