National Guard

Border Patrol union chief praises POTUS’ Mexico deal: ‘More troops on their border than Congress has on ours’

POTUS tariff win? Mexico deploys troops to stop migrants and offers MAJOR concessions on border issues

Only a Democrat: After pulling state Guard troops from border over Trump, New Mexico gov now DEMANDING federal assistance for…border security

Drug smuggling SPIKES on New Mex border after DEM governor pulls Guard troops to spite POTUS Trump

Rebellion brewing among National Guard commanders: Five states now seek to DEFY Trump’s transgender ban

New Mexico’s governor is ticked off at a civilian militia for doing HER job: This is just the beginning

This GOP lawmaker has a very unique perspective on the border — because he helps defend it

None dare call it treason: Dem governors pull National Guard from border, opening America to a wave of new invasions by illegals

Migrant caravan swells to 14,000 as most Guard troops on border are unarmed

DESPERATE: Professor begs Trump to revoke ‘Posse Comitatus’ and send MILITARY to clear Chicago’s kill zones

Natl Guard presence helping Border Patrol nab more alien child rapists and sexual abusers

Showdown at the Border: U.S. WARNS migrant caravan NOT to cross

‘Rogue State’ California so far RESISTING Trump’s call for National Guard troops along U.S. border

Texas, Arizona ALREADY deploying Guard troops to border

Revealed: Oregon governor took large cash donation from Soros group in days before declining to send Guard troops to U.S. border

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